Meet Carolyn

Carolyn Rostenne is a holistic nutritionist that gets you. She is a mother of five and can relate to the challenges you face in feeding yourself and nurturing your family. She will excite you about this new journey you are on leading you towards a life of health and freedom to make healthy food choices. Carolyn makes it fun and interesting, and provides you with a safe, comfortable space to talk, learn, and ultimately become the best you.

When Carolyn is not driving her kids to swimming lessons and hockey, doing laundry, or helping with homework, you can find her in the kitchen creating something delicious, out for a power walk, or at the gym spinning or doing yoga.

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About Carolyn

After having her fourth child at the age of 35 Carolyn’s body did not bounce back like it did after her first three pregnancies. As a gym aficionado, Carolyn had assumed she could exercise her way back to her pre-pregnancy body, but that didn’t work for her. Carolyn realized that she would have change the way she was eating in order to get rid of the excess baby weight. She started learning about the practice of food combining and saw first hand how making some simple dietary changes could not only help her to lose weight but improve her health – physically and emotionally.

Around the same time, Carolyn developed something that resembled seasonal allergies, with itchy eyes, and sneezing, except these allergies would randomly appear throughout the year. She went to see an allergist who told her that she had no allergies, and then to a naturopath who also couldn’t establish the cause of Carolyn’s allergies. Eventually another allergist was able to pin-point an allergy to dust. This was great as Carolyn was able to make environmental changes to help minimize dust in her home. But Carolyn was still left wondering, “Why did I get this dust allergy in the first place?” and “Can I make it go away?”. Through her studies in nutrition Carolyn learned that the foods she was eating (and wasn’t eating) had the power to strengthen or weaken her immune system. This inspired Carolyn to use foods and various lifestyle practices to help strengthen her immune system, and ultimately eliminate her allergy episodes.

If foods could help her to physically look better, eliminate her allergy episodes, feel more energetic, and emotionally feel better, Carolyn realized that she wanted to educate those around her how to use foods to do this for themselves.

After a successful career as an advertising executive, and a few years as a stay-at-home, Carolyn was ready to make a career change that would allow her to delve deeper into her love and interest in foods and how they play a role in our well-being. She enrolled in the Natural Nutrition program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and graduated from CSNN with Honours and earning a “Certificate of Merit” for her outstanding academic achievement. Carolyn now consults and coaches individuals on how to use foods, natural supplementation and lifestyle adjustments in order to improve their health conditions, or to simply improve their health and quality of life. Carolyn also runs group weight-loss programs.

Carolyn’s clients have described her as knowledgeable, inspiring, approachable, easy-to-talk-to, a good listener and funny. Carolyn gets you and she wants to help you become the best you.

Some of the health issues Carolyn can help with:
• Acne/skin conditions / eczema
• Arthritis
• High blood pressure
• Cravings
• Detoxification
• Diabetes
• Digestive disorders
• Disease and illness prevention
• Fertility
• Food allergies
• Gas and Bloating / constipation
• Hormone issues
• Improve Sleep
• Kids and teens: picky eaters, creating healthy habits
• Lack of Energy / Fatigue
• Mental Health issues: depression/anxiety/mood
• Sexual performance
• Urinary tract infections
• Weight-loss
• Yeast infections / fungal infections

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Convenient Locations

Freedom Wellness offers nutritional services from 2 convenient locations:

Carolyn’s Private Home Office in the Bathurst/Clark neighbourhood in Thornhill

The Summeridge Clinic in Richmond Hill