Pad Thai  is hearty meal made with a base of rice noodles, bean sprouts, and tofu, is rich in protein and fibre.  It’s very flavourful with a sweet, sour, and salty combination of flavours.

I served this to my kids last night for dinner and they loved it. Very excited – I’m going to add this to my arsenal of family friendly meals.


Sauce Ingredients
1/3 cup date paste
1/3 cup tamari
2 TBSP lime juice
6 cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp chili pepper flakes, optional

Everything Else Ingredients
1 14 oz. bag of thick rice noodles
1 block of tofu drained from liquid, squeeze out water gently with a paper towel, then cut into 1/2″ cubes
6 spring onions, diced
1 bag of bean sprouts
pitcher of water or date water

1/4 cup cilantro leaves
l lime cut into wedges
1/4 cup roasted organic peanuts
chili pepper flakes, optional, to taste

  1. Make the sauce: Place the tamari, lime juice, garlic in a small sauce pan and heat on medium for 5 minutes until garlic is cooked. Add date paste.  Continue cooking for another 5 minutes.  Remove from heat.
  2. Make the noodles: Soak the noodles in boiling water for 8-10 minutes.  They should be completely covered by water.
  3. In a large sauté pan place a small amount of water and begin to sauce tofu. Goal is to brown it on all sides.  Add tiny amounts of water as needed to prevent sticking.
  4. Once tofu is browned add spring onions, beans sprouts and sauce.  Toss well.
  5. Drain noodles well, then add to the tofu mixture.  Toss well.
  6. Transfer to a large serving bowl.
  7. Garnish with cilantro leaves, lime wedges, roasted organic peanuts, and chili flakes for added spice.
  8. Serve immediately.

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