Freedom Weight Loss

"Eat Healthy, Lose Weight, Feel Great"


Weight loss is about understanding the foods your body needs to be healthy.  No counting caloriesno weighing foods.

Our scientifically proven approach to weight loss focuses on the power of plant-based foods (Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, with minimal amounts of animal-based foods).

"Carolyn is fantastic! I don't have cravings and don't feel hungry! She has taught me how to make healthy food!  Thank you , it is beyond what I had even hoped for" - Mandy G.

The Other Diets “I always feel hungry
Freedom Weight Loss Eat as much as you want, the more healthy food you eat the better you will feel

Freedom Weight Loss Benefits

  • Lose 1-3 pounds per week*
  • Gain more energy
  • Sleep better
  • Improve your mood, well-being, and self-esteem
  • Learn about health and nutrition
  • Get delicious meal plans  and recipes
  • Peace-of-mind that you are achieving sustainable weight loss and long term health

* If you are 100% compliant you can expect to lose an average of 1-3 pounds per week. Amount of weight loss varies by each individual.

"Thank you for today - as always, it was awesome. Really enjoyed this class. You’re the best nutritionist I’ve ever gone to. And I really thank you with all my heart". - Alona B.

The Other Diets "Some diets work, but I get cranky and don't feel good"
Freedom Weight Loss We boost important nutrients, not cut them out, so you feel good

You will likely see other health benefits like clearer skin, better digestion, improved libido, a reduction in aches and pains, and many others.

Freedom Weight Loss Topics

  • The Guidelines
    The Freedom Wellness Weight Loss approach
  • Nutrition Basics
    Carbs, fats, and proteins – what do we really need
  • The Secret to Your Success
    Calorie density, nutrient density and volumetrics
  • Environment & The Pleasure Trap
    Set up your environment for success
  • The Food
    Recipes, meal plans, building delicious meals, and recipe demonstrations
  • Lifestyle
    Keys to long term, sustainable health and weight loss:
    Exercise, sleep, stress management

"I just completed Carolyn’s whole food plant based weight loss program and learnt SO much. Carolyn led the group professionally, it was a great pace, informative and I loved the recipe demonstrations after. I learnt so much about how what we eats affects our overall and long term health and I am now eating way more veggies and fruit and feeling great. For me it was so important to see that Carolyn actually lives by what she teaches and embraces it and feels so wonderful eating this way. Thanks so much Carolyn." - G.F.

The Other Diets “They don’t work – I don’t lose weight
Freedom Weight Loss You will naturally shed weight by making healthy food choices

Fuel your body with health-giving foods that will enable weight loss, disease prevention, and longevity.

  • Covered by some Insurance plans;  Check if your Insurance provider covers Nutrition
  • Payment via e-transfer, cash, or cheque. Visa and Mastercard available for additional 3%
The Other Diets “If I lose weight, I gain it back
Freedom Weight Loss You won't want to go back to old habits after learning and practicing healthy eating

Transform your body, reset your habits, and change your life.

"Carolyn opened my eyes to what we think is healthy but isn't! I lost weight, my skin cleared up, I have more energy, and my family is now eating healthy too.  If you are open to getting healthy speak to Carolyn!" - Dionne L.


Weight loss is about understanding the right foods to eat, and focusing on those foods. Losing weight should not be about deprivation, and hunger. Losing weight, should be about learning how to embrace a whole food approach to nourishing your body and satisfying your taste buds. We will teach you how to eat so that you lose weight, feel amazing, and reduce your chances of developing chronic diseases. It will be a delicious, eye-opening, exciting, mouth-watering adventure.


The Other Diets “I lack energy and feel tired
Freedom Weight Loss Feel refreshed and invigorated by eating healthy