I read The China Study a few years ago.

It was one of the books that sparked my interest in nutrition and a whole food plant based diet.

The China Study sources more than 800 references proving that eating right can save your life = less cancer, less heart disease, fewer strokes, less obesity, less diabetes, less autoimmune disease, less osteoporosis, less Alzheimer’s, fewer kidney stones, and less blindness.

I just started re-reading this book, and I came across this:

“Contrary to popular belief, cancer is not a natural event. Adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle can prevent a sizeable number of cancers in the United States. Old age can and should be graceful and peaceful”.

I always thought that we are SUPPOSED to get sick as we age. That this is the normal course of life… but Dr. Campbells’ clearly dispel this myth!

For more on diet and aging read The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner and Healthy at 100 by John Robbins.

Nutrition and lifestyle practices are the keys to aging gracefully.

How do you want to age?

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