We live in very close proximity to Chabad Gate plaza where there is a Circle K. It was Macs until recently. Circle K is the go-to after school/camp destination for many kids and families because it’s the closest place where you can buy a cold, slushy, delicious soft-drink slurpee. What would summers be without slurpees? Yes, they are a welcome reprieve from the summer heat, but we need to think a little more about our slurpee habit.

I’m deeply concerned with the prevalence which many of our children are consuming slurpees. For many it’s almost a daily expectation – “the camp day is done, therefore it’s time for a slurpee”.

Slurpees are frozen soft drinks. SUGARY DRINKS INCREASE THE RISK OF TYPE 2 DIABETES, HEART DISEASE, AND OTHER CHRONIC CONDITIONS. Did you read that??? There are studies upon studies that all point to the fact that regular consumption of sugary drinks increase ones chances of developing serious diseases.

I’m not trying to be a kill-joy, but taking our kids for slurpees is not the same thing as taking them to the park. Both are fun outings, but one is dangerous to their health and one is promoting their health (promotes physical activity, creative play, etc.)

I’m not saying that my kids never get slurpees. I personally refuse to take them, but sometimes they go with friends, or my older kids may go on their own. I do my best to educate them about the health dangers, and I entice them with delicious home-made smoothies, which they often tell me are “way better” than those sugary frozen beverages.

And I’m not judging anyone – G_d forbid. I just want to share with you what I have learned so that you are empowered to make healthy decisions for your family. Making changes isn’t easy, but maybe this post will help you get started: “Instead of our regular X slurpees this week, we will go X times”. You fill in what’s realistic for you, keeping in mind that we should be somewhat uncomfortable as we make little changes.

Tell me what you think.

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