Whole Food & Body Weight Loss

Whole Food & Body Weight Loss
8 week program

This program is designed to help you get started with your weight loss and wellness journey.  We provide you with education, support, accountability, and all the tools you need to successful begin the process of creating lifelong habits that will support weight loss and your overall sense of wellness.

Clients who have completed this program have:

  • A greater awareness and understanding of key nutrition ideas
  • Made changes in how they shop, meal prep, and cook
  • Begun to add or increase movement/exercise, and enhanced both their quality and quality of sleep
  • Starting noticing improvements to their energy levels, digestion, mood, skin, hair, and more
  • Are consistently losing weight

This program includes 9 appointments with Carolyn:

Appointment #1: Initial Consultation & Assessment (75 minutes)
Nutrition Research & Creation of Custom Health Roadmap
Appointment #2: Nutrition Health Roadmap Review (75 minutes)
Stage 1 & 2 Meal Plans with recipes
Appointment #3: 60 minute nutrition coaching session
Appointments #4-9: 6 x 30-minute nutrition coaching sessions
Free email consultation access (max 2 hours reply time)